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FREE Wedding - Event Planner


Here is a FREE guide which can be used as a free event planner for your function. It has tips and advice when running an event which incorporates entertainment.

The Tribute Show has vast experience of weddings and private events over the years and really are experts in the field of entertainment. Here are a few things to consider that may be helpful when you are the organiser of your own wedding function or event and may be used as a guide.

Free Wedding Event Planner Guide 1) Venue
Although your event venue needs to meet your cosmetic requirements, most people underestimate the size of the main function room. This needs to comfortably seat all your guests while leaving ample room for a large dance floor and a stage area.

Free Wedding Event Planner Guide 2) Marquee
This is a great way to create a function room to your ideal size and location. Does the marquee have easy access? It is desirable to get as close as possible to the marquee to unload and heavy vehicles and grass are not a great combination. This factor can also cause considerable damage to the land, especially in damp or wet conditions, and may result in a disgruntled land owner.

Make sure there is adequate power to supply your marquee’s lighting, entertainment and kitchen. The safest option is to hire a generator that supplies three phase power. Make sure whomever you hire from is on call for the duration of your event just in case there is any problem with the power. Alternatively have a back-up supply.

It is also worth noting that marquees do not come with staging as standard so enquire when making your booking. Make sure it’s not just some wooden blocks placed together on the floor as this usually amounts to an uneven and unsightly mess that really is quite dangerous.

Free Wedding Event Planner Guide 3) Stage Area
Is there already a stage at the venue and is it big enough to accommodate your chosen entertainment? Watch out for venue staff saying things like “we’ve had a ten piece band on our stage before so it shouldn’t be a problem.”  They may not know your chosen act, so double check with both parties. No two acts are the same and some trios and four piece bands have huge set-ups that would put some ten piece bands to shame!

Free Wedding Event Planner Guide 4) Band/ Disco
Is there enough room to load equipment in and out of the venue? Is there easy access for large equipment to be wheeled through the venue to the stage area? Sound checking and testing equipment is an essential part of any performance so please allow time for this. It is best to sound check in an empty room so no one has to listen to the boom, boom, boom of the drummer sound checking his bass drum!

The Tribute Show like to get everything set and sound checked before your guests arrive. That way you really do get the wow factor when you walk into the function room and everything looks and sounds fantastic.

The Tribute Show can provide free disco music for your wedding party or event.

Free Wedding Event Planner Guide 5) Additional Entertainment
If you’ve booked a good quality main act then sometimes less is more. Careful consideration needs to be taken when booking additional entertainment. It is not feasible for a disco and band to fit on the same stage. Is there enough room for a disco to be placed at the side of the stage? The Tribute Show offers specific event packagesfor their clients so that they don’t pay more than they need to.

If you fancy having two bands at your function this really does need a lot of planning. Is the stage big enough? Will two lots of equipment and drum kit fit on the one stage? Will each band be using their own sound system or sharing one? The Tribute Show are experts with this type of scenario but it does need some thought to avoid unnecessary clutter.

In most cases it would be much easier and a more complimentary contrast to have a solo singer, duo or other speciality act such as a table magician or comedian instead of two bands.

Thank you for reading through the Free wedding Planner / Free Event Planner guide with tips which can be used when organising your own entertainment function. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to see more tips added to the free wedding & event planner guide.

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Free Event Planner / Free Wedding Planner
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